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Important notice: End of Ad-AwareSE Definitions File updates

Effective March 31, 2009, technical support and Definitions File updates for the following products will be discontinued:

Ad-Aware SE Plus
Ad-Aware SE Professional
Ad-Aware SE Enterprise

As Definitions File threat updates for Ad-Aware SE will not be issued after this date, please upgrade to the latest version of Ad-Aware – Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition – in order to stay protected from online threats.






Please follow the upgrade instructions below.

Ad-Aware SE Plus/Professional Customers:
If you have a valid Ad-Aware SE Plus or Professional license, you are eligible to upgrade to Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition free of charge.

To upgrade your software please contact us by logging-in to the Lavasoft Support Center.

You will receive a Serial Number and instructions on how to download and activate your license of Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition.

Ad-Aware SE Enterprise Customers:

If you have valid Ad-Aware SE Enterprise licenses, you are eligible to update to Ad-Aware Enterprise 2.1 free of charge.

Please download Ad-Aware Enterprise 2.1 by logging-in to the Lavasoft Support Center at and selecting the “Your Licenses” menu.
To receive a Support Center password reminder, please visit:

If you need a new license, please visit our Ad-Aware product pages.

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