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How can I change or edit an Ad-Watch Live! rule?

With Ad-Watch Live! turned on you will be notified when a change is being made to a protected area of your computer.
You can choose to allow or block the event as required.

If you received a warning while installing a valid update or printer driver for example (or other software) and mistakenly chose to block it, you will need to change Ad-Watch's rules to allow the event.

To change or remove an Ad-Watch rule complete the following:

1. Click on the Ad-Watch icon in the Ad-Aware main screen

2. Under the Ad-Watch Module for Processes, Registry or Network, click Edit Rules

3. Find/ select the rule you want to change from the list and click on the drop down menu arrow on the right, change the action as required (i.e. Allow)

4. Click save, Ad-Watch will remember the setting.

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