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Can I install Lavasoft Personal Firewall on a server?

Yes, Lavasoft Personal Firewall can be installed on a server, but we do not recommend it. Lavasoft Personal Firewall is designed specifically to run on user workstations connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet.

Lavasoft Personal Firewall does not provide several important functions that a server firewall must provide and all of its presets are applicable to workstations. A server firewall needs very different application traffic filtering settings, so if you install Lavasoft Personal Firewall on a server with the default settings, much of the useful traffic to and/or from your server will be blocked by default. In addition, a server firewall needs to be able to create rules based on different network adapters being used by the various workstations connected to the server. Moreover, some plug-ins do not affect transit traffic through a server.

You can install Lavasoft Personal Firewall on a server so it provides some firewall functions, but - for performance optimization - you must perform the following steps.

* Disable Host Protection to prevent popup prompts for user reaction every time an application component or critical system object is changed and an application performs some system activity (click Settings ? Host Protection and clear the Enable Host Protection check box).
* Disable Blocking private data transfer on the ID Block page.
* Switch off the Rules Wizard mode and select either Allow Most or Block Most.
* Disable logging (clear the Log debugging information check box on the Logs page).

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