Enough Is Enough!

Enough Is Enough!

by LS Patrick on December 9th, 2009.

"How many adwares, firebots and viruses do I need?"..."Do I need more spyware?"

These are actually common questions we see from our users.

If you're familiar with those terms (or what the person is trying to say), then you'll know how close they are to their opposites and names or types of legit security software.
Unfortunately for some, all this talk of threats, attacks and internet danger leads them to over-do it on the security software side of things.
That kind of user then goes online and buys a load of different software, in some cases useful, in other cases dangerous. Buying and installing 'rouge' software, doing more harm than good. Or, maybe they buy every anti-virus and firewall they can find, the result is usually a laptop grinding to a halt due to all the services, scanning and updates that are battling for resources.

If you can turn on your computer, have time to make dinner before it's updated itself, scanned itself 10 times and is ready to use, then you need to pay attention to the following...
It's not as complicated as some say, just keep things simple. Here's what you do need-

  • Anti-spyware (malware etc...)- Ad-Aware takes care of that
  • A Firewall- We have one here if you need it
  • Anti-Virus- Go for Ad-Aware Plus or Pro if you haven't already got an anti-virus solution.

Common sense will save you a lot of hassle too. Be careful online, use reputable or recommended sites for online shopping, if you're not sure about the site, don't use it.

Contact your bank or credit card company to see what security they offer while using your card online, they owe you that level of service and should have solutions.

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