Ad-Aware Gets New Features!

Ad-Aware Gets New Features!

by Erin on February 16th, 2010.

Today, we updated our anti-malware software, bringing you new features that will give a boost to your security whether you use Ad-Aware Free, Ad-Aware Plus, or Ad-Aware Pro.

Other companies may hold their new features for the next year’s major launch, but not Lavasoft – we’re going to give them to you as we develop them so you benefit now!  Here’s what you’re seeing in your Ad-Aware program – and why it’s important to your privacy and security.

  • New! E-mail Scanner - Keeps you safe from malicious attachments and images in your e-mail.

Why is this important to you?
This new feature gives you the power to prevent malware from entering your system through your e-mail. E-mail Scanner scans each incoming e-mail in Outlook, alerting you to malicious attachments and images so you can keep safe from threats invading your inbox. The e-mail scanner feature is available in all versions of Ad-Aware: Ad-Aware Free, Ad-Aware Plus, and Ad-Aware Pro.

  • New! Ad-Watch Live! Files – Blocks malicious files from entering your system, and alerts you to malicious files already on your PC.

Why is this important to you?
Ad-Watch Live! Files, part of Ad-Aware’s real-time protection feature, actively scans files whenever they are being saved to your hard disk or manipulated in any way, identifying malware and potential threats in order to prevent them from entering your system – meaning you ultimately stay safer and more secure. Ad-Watch Live! Files is available in Ad-Aware Plus and Pro versions, as part of Ad-Watch Live! Advanced and Ad-Watch Live! Expert.

  • New! Rootkit Removal System - Deep level rootkit technology that uncovers and destroys hidden threats, detecting both user-mode and kernel-mode attack techniques.

Why is this important to you?
Lavasoft’s new rootkit removal system provides solid protection against hidden threats and stealth attacks by rootkits. Ad-Aware Plus and Pro versions now provide advanced protection against this type of malware; Plus contains our Level 2 Advanced rootkit removal system, while the Pro version, Lavasoft’s highest level of online protection, provides Level 3 Extreme rootkit removal – with expert level rootkit technology to prevent the most furtive tactics used to gain unauthorized access to your system.

For a complete feature list for the Free, Plus and Pro versions of Ad-Aware, please take a look at the Product Comparison Chart.

Wondering about how to update to get these new features? Remember, Ad-Aware licenses include free updates throughout the duration of your license. Updating is easy – all you need to do is follow Ad-Aware’s in-product instructions. Update to the new version by clicking ‘Update now’ on the update screen that loads when you startup Ad-Aware.

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