8.2.1 Update to Ad-Aware

8.2.1 Update to Ad-Aware

by Kim on March 18th, 2010.

Today we released an update to Ad-Aware that includes the following:

* Improved whitelisting for Ad-Watch.

In cases where Ad-Watch detectes files or processes as being suspicious, but users want to run the software anyway, Ad-Watch now has improved whitelisting capabilities, allowing these users to make exceptions for these programs.

* Ad-Watch Files turns itself off when incompatible software is found.

Incompatibilities between the Ad-Watch Files module, introduced in 8.2, and similar functionailty in other security software has caused some systems to freeze up.
This functionality looks for incompatible software and deactivates the Ad-Watch Files module if it detects any on the user´s computer.

To retrieve this update, click the Webupdate button in Ad-Aware or from the Start Menu in All Programs->Lavasoft->Ad-Aware->Ad-Aware Updates

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