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Pro PC Cleaner is a registry cleaner that is typically bundled with other software. It scans the Windows Registry and offers to remove outdated values, such as entries made by programs that are no longer installed and other unnecessary values, ostensibly, to reduce the size of your registry database and improve the computer’s performance. 

This week Microsoft stopped providing antimalware signatures for Microsoft Security Essentials running on Windows XP. Officially, support for Windows XP stopped in April 2014 but Microsoft continued to provide updated antivirus signatures to its security software if it was already installed on the user’s system. This week marks the end of all security updates for Windows XP from Microsoft. 

As of July 1st, both Minnesota and California passed laws requiring manufacturers to install an anti-theft feature known as a ‘kill switch’ on all new smartphones. A kill switch allows the owner of a stolen phone to remotely delete all the data on the device or simply lock the phone, rendering the device useless to the thief and lowering its resale value – in slang terms, to ‘brick’ the phone. 

 is a toolbar. It sets the user's homepage to and their default search engine to Yahoo.

Last week Facebook rolled out its new payment platform for all US-based Facebook Messenger users.