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 is a toolbar. It sets the user's homepage to and their default search engine to Yahoo.

Last week Facebook rolled out its new payment platform for all US-based Facebook Messenger users.

Customers of travel websites Expedia and its subsidiaries, Travelocity and, are being targeted by a new phishing scam. The alleged perpetrators have been contacting customers of the respective websites and posing as representatives of those companies, attempting to gain the customer’s personal information including credit card numbers. 

Based on a report from Pulse Secure, almost one million malicious applications were produced for mobile devices last year. The 2015 Mobile Threat Report, published by the company’s Mobile Threat Center, analyzed over 2.5 million mobile applications and discovered a 391 percent increase in malicious programs since 2013. 

Cloud computing provides centralized resources allowing for faster access and information sharing, but as the popularity of cloud services grows, companies need to ensure that their cloud vendors are reliable. Here are 25 important questions to ask your cloud vendor: