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How to Remove Bueno Search

by News Editor on September 23rd, 2015 in Security Tips. is a browser add-on, which claims to provide you with the most comprehensive and easy to use search tool possible.  Once installed it will add the BuenoSearch Toolbar to your browser, change your homepage, and set your default search engine to BuenoSearch.

Researchers at Sucuri have reported a significant increase in malware infections which utilize WordPress websites to attack users. The malware in question was first reported two weeks ago but in the past 48 hours the rate of infection has spiked from one thousand to six thousand users a day.

A new report from Securi, a website security provider, reveals that potentially malicious users have been adding themselves as verified webmasters of legitimate websites in the Google Search Console platform.

Vehicles manufactured today consist of components called Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which are assigned to different features. A typical car may contain respective ECUs for door control, brake control, and battery management, among almost a hundred other such units. These Electronic Control Units are embedded with software and networked to communicate with one another in various configurations which contributes to the complexity and sophistication of modern vehicular design.