Zeitgeist Europe '08

Our CEO, Jason King, is currently at the exclusive Google Zeitgeist Europe '08 conference in London where "Europe's most forward-thinking innovators and visionaries congregate to share perspectives on trends shaping our world." As opportunity would have it, Jason also spoke briefly on behalf of the CSIA with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who arrived at the event this morning under a thick security blanket. If we can get ahold of that news clip, be sure that we'll be posting it here on the site.

Lavasoft was in the select group of 100 people invited to attend the opening session with Prime Minister Brown, and Jason is there not only representing Lavasoft, but our hundreds of millions of users around the world, discussing ideas, partnerships and opportunities that will benefit each and every one of us in the long-term.

Other speakers at this year's Zeitgeist gathering include the Communications Minister of Brazil as well as Queen Rania of Jordan.

If you would like to hear more from PM Gordon Brown, view his full speech on video.

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