Storm Warning

by Erin on July 31st, 2008 in Industry and Security News, Security Alerts.

We can't say we're surprised that the Storm Worm is sending a new squall of spam through our inboxes. In fact, Storm has shifted spam campaigns numerous times in the past few weeks alone.

But this latest bout is another timely reminder of the changing tactics that are being used in an attempt to pique your interest and infect your system. The Internet Crime Complaint Center has issued a warning to be on the lookout for spam e-mail mentioning news of "F.B.I. vs. Facebook." The attackers are trying to tap into the privacy concerns of social networking site users, and according to reports, are leading users to websites that are constantly changing in order to feign legitimacy.

(Photo: Internet Crime Complaint Center) 

Judging from the past, it's a safe bet that we're likely to keep seeing different variations of the theme used to propagate the Storm botnet - be cautious as you check your e-mail! And, of course, be sure to keep your Ad-Aware 2008 updated (Ad-Aware detects the Storm Worm as Win32.Worm.Zhelatin).

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