Spring Cleaning!

by santonov on March 21st, 2007 in Security Tips.

Today is the first day of Spring! Luckily, today here in Sweden we have blue skies and sunshine to help usher in the ever-welcome season.

If you haven't had a look at the gunk that has loaded up on your computer and is squashing its performance, today is the perfect time to take half an hour and do a little system spring cleaning.

Begin with a quick sweep of your browser cookies, cache, and history. In Internet Explorer, you'll find these options under the tools menu and then under 'Internet Options'. In Firefox, it's under the tools menu and 'Options'.

Then, of course, scan with Ad-Aware SE! If you've been using the Plus or Pro version, you are already covered as the Ad-Watch real-time monitor keeps a clean house for you each time you turn on your computer. If you are using Personal, it's time to scan and clean.

Your computer will thank you for it!

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