Shoppers Beware

by Lina on March 7th, 2008 in Security Alerts.

Here at Lavasoft, we constantly come across websites that are trying to piggy back on our name, in order to try to scam people into buying the "product" they're selling. The following is just one example of how scammers will try to take advantage of you.

We've recently been alerted about a website that sells Adware Pro. Please be advised that this product is in no way related to Lavasoft, our product is Ad-Aware Pro. Their website,, has several references to make it seem legitimate and use every tactic in the book to mislead unsuspecting customers. Please see example below:

Their goal is to get you to click on the "Scan your PC for free" button. This will prompt a download that takes you to a setup process. After downloading the file, it will find a number of "problems" designed to scare you into buying the full product. The only problem is that they placed the files there in the first place.

We've received several emails and phone calls from confused customers that have received fake registration numbers and double charges from this company.

Again, please be advised that Lavasoft is not in any way connected to that product or company.

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