Prison for Spyware Distributors?

To all of us who have been the victims of spyware, it's blaringly clear that more needs to be done to penalize spyware distributors. Many in the security industry have called for consensus anti-spyware legislation in order to fully hold distributors accountable for their actions, and to deter spyware vendors from violating consumers' privacy.

But consumers and industry analysts are not the only ones up in arms over the battle against spyware. CNET reported that one U.S. Federal Trade Commission official had some bold things to say on extending penalties.

"Many of most serious wrongdoers we observed in this area, I believe, are only going to be deterred if their freedom is withdrawn," so it's important for the FTC to collaborate on its cases with criminal law enforcement authorities, the FTCs William Kovacic said at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing.

As online scams become more organized and malicious, imprisonment may be a more fitting penalty, rather than merely disgorgement of profits. Only time will tell if we'll eventually see spyware distributors paying for their e-crimes in prison time.Take a look at the full story on CNET.

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