Motivating Adware Distributors to Change

by santonov on April 2nd, 2007 in Researcher Comments.

Lavasoft is looking to change how companies around the world track user behavior via the Internet.

Lavasoft security analysts recently completed an in-depth analysis of 3rd party tracking behavior from the four cookie distributors in Sweden. As a result, 3rd party tracking cookies from three of the four companies, including Research International, were submitted in the Detection Database at Lavasoft, causing widespread disruption to user behavior tracking across several of the countrys largest and most visited news and auction web sites.

To date, three of the four have transitioned their clients from 3rd party cookies to 1st party cookies. The fourth company, American-owned Nielsen Netratings, has yet to do so, but Lavasoft is hoping to sway officials in upcoming discussions.

This could be the beginning of something big as Scandinavian companies are already changing their business models. The hope is that Europe and eventually the States will follow suit.

Read Lavasofts official press release on the subject.

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