Kids and the Internet

by Erin on July 24th, 2008 in Industry and Security News.

How safe are your kids as they navigate the Net? According to a new study, while parents are trying to talk to young family members about computer safety, many kids are still engaging in risky online behavior, like posting personal information about themselves on social networking sites.

From a article on the study - 

"As they get older, tweens are less concerned about the ramifications of posting personal information online. About 67 percent of kids aged 8-10 said they don't post personal information on the Internet; that number dropped to 51 percent among 11-12 year olds."

It's another reminder of the importance of having conversations with young kids, "tweens", and teens about online safety. To read more about the issues kids face online and to learn strategies for talking to children of all ages about PC safety, stay tuned for the next issue of Lavasoft News.

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