Keeping the Golden Years Spyware-Free

Is age a factor when it comes to Internet use? Even though we sometimes think of computer technology being limited to a younger generation, it's not always the case.

Studies are showing that the number of seniors that surf the web is on the rise, with some calling them the fastest growing demographic. Last January, a Pew Internet report found that 34 percent of Americans age 65 and older go online, up from 29 percent in January 2005.

And it's not just that more seniors are using the web; they are also using it wisely. We've been clued-in to this by messages sent in from some of our Ad-Aware SE users who are cyber-savvy and safety minded.

Here's what a few of our favorites have had to say:

"Thank you! On behalf of the elderly senior citizens in Montrose, Colorado, U.S. who use your program, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE Personal, to keep our old computer safe and their 85 year old volunteer teacher, we send our sincere appreciation and prayers.

The seniors use their donated computer and free Internet time to stay in contact with family, friends, learn about how to stay healthy and share their life's wisdom to help their fellow man make this a better world.

"Our sincere appreciation for protecting us.

All the seniors and their teacher,


"When I had an automatic dialer that was allowing my computer to dial out all by itself and make calls, I was told that it could not be gotten rid of as it was not a virus, by my at that time virus company, with its $98.00 a year price tag.

You got rid of it - I tell all that I can that you are one of the most important things that can be on a computer, even along with a good firewall and virus protection. I use you every week without fail. Your software finds things that the others do not. You have managed to keep the price low and still do an excellent job.

So if no one has yet thanked you today for doing what you folks do and doing it very well, here is my thank you. You could sign [this testimonial] from the Little Old Lady from Pasadena.. I really am from Pasadena and I am 73 this year. I am not very computer wise, but have learned a lot over the years. I would never own a computer without your product on it.


Thank you Joe, Dolores, and all of our Ad-Aware SE users who take the time to write in to us!

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