Getting Serious with Serials

As you might have noticed, Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Seven is the final beta, which means that we are gearing up for the big release in June. Besides the obvious work of putting the finishing touches on the software itself, it also includes getting the packaging ready, designing the product manuals, and generating the serial numbers for each and every product.

However, generating serials isn't quite as boring or straightforward as it might seem. We had a hard time keeping straight faces when we found a large batch of certain three- and four-letter words hidden in the the first batch of generated (and now discarded) serials.

Well, we sorted it out and can now proudly say that our serial numbers are (hopefully) free of obscenities. How did we do it? A hint: try to think of a cuss-word without a vowel in it...

(...and if you do think of one, please send it to!)

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