Don't Be Fooled Twice

by Erin on June 11th, 2008 in Security Alerts, Security Tips.

If it looks too good to be probably is. The old adage rings true with the latest e-mail scam we're seeing, where fraudsters promise thousands in cash to compensate victims of Internet crime.

The U.S. FBI has issued a warning for computer users to be aware of this refund scheme, which claims to come from the Internet Crime Complaint Center and the U.K. government. Aside from misspellings and poor grammar, other hallmarks of e-mail fraud which this scam shares include using signatures of officials to appear authentic, using government agency names, and a warning for failure to comply, says the FBI. 

But you can't always count on obvious pointers to tip you off to e-mail schemes. The best defense? Treat your e-mail with a skeptical eye. Always be wary of unsolicited mail, especially messages asking for personal information or requesting that you click on links or open attachments.

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