Calling All Beta Testers

by Erin on October 27th, 2008 in Beta Testing, Lavasoft Products.

The time is almost here again - beta time, that is! In just two weeks, we'll be asking our beta testers to again help us out in putting our upcoming new Ad-Aware product through its paces.

On November 10, we will release our first beta for the new version of Ad-Aware, due to be launched in January.

You'll see some exciting changes to the new engine, which has been totally rebuilt from the ground up, including heuristics scans and integrated Ad-Watch Live! real-time protection against known threats (over 2 million by the time we release) as well as many of those not yet in our signature database. No more loading Ad-Watch as a separate tool! And we don't even dare to put a number yet on how much we've improved the load on wouldn't believe us if we did! But be assured you'll be seeing those numbers soon.

Watch for the beta release - coming November 10! Just like last year, registered beta testers can log-in to our specially dedicated Beta Center in order to pick up the beta file and access other important resources, like the Beta Forums.

Not registered as a beta tester? Sign-up on our Beta page and join us in participating in the process that will help to create the best product possible!

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