This week Microsoft officially addressed the wide range of privacy concerns that have been reported regarding large-scale data collection in Windows 10. Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, posted to the official blog and reiterated the company’s commitment to listening to customer feedback regarding privacy concerns: 

We want to share with you the results of our 2015 Cyberbullying and Online Safety Study. We surveyed more than 200 students aged 10 to 18 on their experiences with cyberbullying, as well as their online safety habits, including parental controls.

As cyberbullying remains a present and growing threat to today’s constantly-connected children and teenagers, Lavasoft conducted this survey to gain insight into the online safety factors that play a potential role in cyberbullying.

Researchers at Sucuri have reported a significant increase in malware infections which utilize WordPress websites to attack users. The malware in question was first reported two weeks ago but in the past 48 hours the rate of infection has spiked from one thousand to six thousand users a day.

A new report from Securi, a website security provider, reveals that potentially malicious users have been adding themselves as verified webmasters of legitimate websites in the Google Search Console platform.