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In this issue: 5 Tips To Keep You and Your Family Safe This Summer | 2010 FIFA World Cup Kicks Off Summer Scams | Ad-Aware News: Virus Bulletin Review | Bad Behavior: Avoiding Malicious Websites

Here at Lavasoft headquarters, we're happy to report that summer has arrived! This time of year brings with it sunshine, more travelling and vacation plans, and kids enjoying a little free time before the start of a new school year.

In this issue of Lavasoft News, we're here to help you and your family enjoy the Web and use it safely this season with news on the latest scams, as well as tips for protecting young people online. Keep reading to get your fill of this month's online security news — and, of course, a few special offers just for you!

A special note to our Ad-Aware users: Ready to see the exciting changes that we'll be rolling out in the July 2010 Ad-Aware release? Get a sneak peek on the Lavasoft company blog!

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News from Lavasoft

5 Tips To Keep You and Your Family Safe This Summer
Cyber safety starts at home. Help your kids find their way on the Internet.

2010 FIFA World Cup Kicks Off Summer Scams
The World Cup kicked off last month — and so did the cyber scams. Here's how to avoid the ploys.

Ad-Aware News: Virus Bulletin Review
How does Ad-Aware's detection capabilities against new and emerging malware measure up? Find out now!

Research roundup

New Targets in Detection
Visit the Lavasoft Malware Labs blog to protect your privacy with new targets for June 2010.

Threat Check
Find out which threats have been plaguing Ad-Aware users this past month.

Bad Behavior
How can you keep from falling for booby-trapped websites appearing in your search engine results? Learn about avoiding malicious websites on the Malware Labs blog.

Pro for the price of Plus
In the past 12 months, only 27% of teachers taught about the safe use of social networks, only 18% taught about online scams, fraud and social engineering, and only 19% taught about safe passwords.
Source: National Cyber Security Industry Alliance 2010 “The State of K-12 Cyberethics, Cybersafety and Cybersecurity Curriculum in the U.S. Survey”
Concerned about your privacy on Facebook? — dedicated to promote privacy awareness on Facebook and elsewhere — has a simple tool available to help you and your family. Learn more on the website.
“We don't teach children to drive by giving them the keys to the car and expecting them to be 'self-taught'. Similarly, we shouldn't let them sit down at the computer and surf away without training and supervision.”
- StaySafeOnline.Org website
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