Threat Check

What types of threats have been plaguing computer users this past month? Take a look, below, at the top threats creating a buzz among Ad-Aware users in the Lavasoft Support Forums.

1. Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf
Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf is a generic family for Trojan droppers made in the Delphi programming language. A dropper is a type of malware that drops additional malicious files on the infected system. These files are often other Trojans or downloaders.

2. Win32.Trojan.StartPage
Win32.Trojan.StartPage is a family for Trojans that will change a victim’s Internet Explorer start page (and possibly the start page of other web browsers).

3. Win32.Trojan.KillAV
Win32.Trojan.KillAV is a family for Trojans that are designed to disable and remove anti-virus products.

4. Win32.Trojan.Monder
Win32.Trojan.Monder is a family for Virtumonde files. Virtumonde, also known as Vundo, is a type of malware/adware that often requires special help, or tools, to remove. It hooks itself into the system and then displays pop-ups. It has also been seen, though not as commonly, popping-up fake alerts for rogue anti-spyware.

5. Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames
Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames is a family for Trojans that focus on stealing login information for online games by monitoring keystrokes and sending them to a remote host.

Have a question about one of these threats? Need guidance on how to rid your computer of spyware and malware? Take advantage of free support from our worldwide volunteer security network at the Lavasoft Support Forums.

Phishing attacks – a type of social engineering – continue to climb. Unique phishing reports submitted to the Anti-Phishing Working Group in the third quarter of 2009 reached an all-time high of 40,621.
Source: Anti-Phishing Working Group
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“The nature of malware infections has changed during the past years. A long time ago, malware and viruses were spread in much less sophisticated ways. Now, malware authors constantly invent new intellectual ways to manipulate people and compromise their machines.”
- Albin Bodahl, Lavasoft Malware Labs
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