Threat Check

What types of threats have been plaguing computer users this past month? Take a look, below, at the top threats creating a buzz among Ad-Aware users in the Lavasoft Support Forums.

1. Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf

Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf is a generic family for Trojan droppers made in the Delphi programming language. A dropper is a type of malware that drops additional malicious files on the infected system. These files are often other Trojans or downloaders.

2. Win32.TrojanPWS.Magania

Win32.TrojanPWS.Magania is a family of threats consisting of password stealers that are aimed at stealing log-in information from online gamers. Online game accounts are then plundered and/or sold for a profit. These threats specifically target online games provided by Gamania.

3. Win32.Trojanspy.Zbot

Win32.Trojanspy.Zbot is a Trojan that targets bank accounts. It also may install a rootkit on the compromised machine.

4. Win32.Worm.Sohanad

Win32.Worm.Sohanad is a worm that spreads through instant messaging applications, like Yahoo! Messenger and AIM.

5. Win32.TrojanDownloader.Banload

Win32.TrojanDownloader.Banload is a generic type of downloader family that will download password stealing Trojans. These Trojans are specifically designed to steal bank log-ins. A Trojan is a program that appears to do one thing but actually does another.

Have a question about one of these threats? Need guidance on how to rid your computer of spyware and malware? Take advantage of free support from our worldwide volunteer security network at the Lavasoft Support Forums.

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An estimated 9.9 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2008, a rise of more than 22 percent from the previous year.
Source: Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2009 Identity Fraud Survey Report
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