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You can help fight online crime with Lavasoft by joining Lavasoft ThreatWork, a global community of security volunteers that take an active role alongside Lavasoft as we battle cyber crime. ThreatWork allows us to provide the best protection possible against the newest and most relevant threats.

How do you become a valuable contributor to Lavasoft ThreatWork and join the alliance that will help to make a difference in Internet security for everyone? With Lavasoft ThreatWork, you have the option to submit your suspicious files and share your scan results with our Malware Labs analysts, so that we'll be able to turn that information into advanced and innovative technology that addresses the malware that threatens not only your own personal systems, but also those of your family, friends, and colleagues. To open ThreatWork in Ad-Aware's interface, click “Toolbox” in the sub-menu and “Start” under the ThreatWork heading. You can also open ThreatWork from the Windows start menu. From the ThreatWork window, you can submit files by either dragging and dropping files for submission, or by selecting items using the “Browse” button. You can also configure ThreatWork to automatically submit suspicious files silently (meaning you won't see the ThreatWork window) through Ad-Aware's settings.

It's important to note that no confidential information will be collected that could identify you, your location, or anything else that might compromise your privacy. Read more about Lavasoft ThreatWork and our Privacy Policy.


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