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Global Network We all know the benefits of the World Wide Web, and most of us gain from it on a daily basis. With the effortlessness of e-mail, social networking sites, and mobile technologies in allowing us to stay connected with one another, along with a boom in web content that continues to draw us to our PCs, we spend more and more time online.

But we also know the dangers that lurk on the Internet are growing increasingly sophisticated and personal. As more people make their way online and try new web technologies, one thing is certain: cyber scammers will be setting their aims on launching targeted attacks to nab greater profits.

At Lavasoft, it’s our goal to make sure you have clear, detailed information on real-life threats to your security, so you can stay a step ahead of the game. Educate yourself on the latest online tricks with this month’s articles on social engineering tactics, social networking-based attacks, phishing scams, and mobile threats.

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Social Engineering: Good Triggers and Bad Triggers
Whether we are aware of it or not, we have automatic responses or rules of thumb that help us navigate the situations thrown at us in our daily lives. Lavasoft CTO Joe Wells gives an insightful look at how a little skepticism can go a long way in seeing the tricks behind social engineering tactics.

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Where’s the Party? Hackers Found in Social
Networking Sites

The open Web makes creating digital profiles a snap. Don’t be surprised if a hacker is lurking about, aware of your digital moves and looking to benefit from you.

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Online Threats Get Personal
Think you have phishing figured out? Brush up on your knowledge of today’s phishing scams, so you know how to avoid being a victim of one.

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Smartphones Open the Door to New Mobile Threats
Security add-ons are emerging as smartphones take their place in the mobile arena. More than a conversation piece, smartphones should be treated as computing devices. Users of the latest mobile technologies can be vulnerable to security threats and need ways to protect their personal and business data.

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Study Quantifies UK Cyber Crime Garlick
A recently released report focusing on measuring online crime estimates 1.9 million incidents of cyber crime in the UK in 2006, or about one incident every 10 seconds. Read the full study, prepared by the criminology firm 1871 Ltd., from the UK-based online identity firm, Garlik.

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Security Shorts
Lavasoft News has compiled a list of "security shorts" - summaries of other online security stories making news around the world this past month.

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Spyware Newsbits

New Targets in Detection (September 2007)
Protect your privacy with a complete list of new targets for September 2007.

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Lavasoft Blog
If you want to go behind the walls of Lavasoft, hear what we are up to, what we are thinking and what is happening in the industry, the Lavasoft Company Blog is the place to go for regular, up-to-date information. Don’t miss our newly added weekly comic strip about everyday life at Lavasoft!

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Join the Lavasoft Team!
For years, computer users have consistently turned to Lavasoft to provide them with anti-spyware protection and security. Now, over 200 million people worldwide depend on us to ensure that their privacy is secure. That is why we continue to hire only the most talented in their fields of expertise! Take a look at open positions at Lavasoft today.

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Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Plus AND Personal Firewall 2.0 Buy the Bundle Learn More
When it comes to the using the Web, nothing is quite like content. Internet users spend more time online viewing news or entertainment content than on sending e-mail, shopping or searching for information. A study conducted by Nielsen/ NetRatings logged a 37 percent rise in the amount of time spent viewing online videos and news. Overall, nearly half of time spent online in 2007, 47 percent, is made up of viewing content. The study sites the explosion of web content, like social networking sites, along with an increase in online speeds as factors in the increase.

Source: Reuters
Term of the Month
The Hosts File is a file stored on your computer that is used to look up the Internet Protocol (IP) address of a device connected to a computer network. Some spyware changes your Hosts File in order to redirect you from a site you intended to visit to sites that the spyware company wants you to see.

Source: Anti-Spyware Coalition Glossary
Tech Tips
You already know the paid versions of Lavasoft’s anti-spyware software have vital real-time protection to relieve the burden of constant malware attacks. But Ad-Aware 2007 Plus and Pro versions also include built-in privacy and security tools, for example, the Hosts File Editor. You can use the Hosts File Editor to take control of your Web navigation by blocking advertisement sites, reversing browser hijack entries, assisting with parental controls, and creating navigation shortcuts. To use the Hosts File Editor in Ad-Aware 2007, from the “Tools and Plug-ins” tab, select “Tools” and then click “Hosts File Editor.” New users can find more specific directions in the Ad-Aware 2007 Product Manual.
Helpful Homepage

Creating strong online passwords is one piece of the security equation. If you are wondering just how secure that password you have created really is, Lavasoft News has come across a website you can use to rate passwords, to help you learn how to create better ones. Try out the “Password Strength Meter” on Remember, even though the site will not store the passwords you enter, test a password similar to one you might use (not your real password), as the site advises.

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